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The Last Lovers on Earth: Stories from Dark Times is a 1999 book of short stories by Charles Ortleb. Three of the stories became the basis for a 2004 film directed by Ortleb and Michael Cimpher.

The stories have been described as "a funny and disturbing series of portraits of the gay community as it faces the challenges of survival in a world of AIDS propaganda and collaboration." AIDS activists, scientists, doctors, and academics are all skewered in satirical fashion.

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The original Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis published a print newsletter for several years. The brief essays contained in Volume 1, Number 2 were excellent enough then, but the simple truths they contain have become iridescent with the passage of 14 years. (Click on each page above to view. You may need to zoom in manually if your browser adjusts the size of the image.)